E3 2018: Trials Rising is "Polished to Perfection", Even on Switch

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Can confirm: Trials Rising is definitely a Trials game. You ride a variety of bikes through some of the most absurd, seemingly impossible obstacles and tracks imaginable, carefully balancing your drivers’ weight distribution and acceleration. Usually, completing a track ends in a ridiculous, over the top death, but that doesn’t make the physics-based journey feel any less rewarding.

If you’re a particularly hardcore Trials fan, you might notice some very subtle improvements to handling and precision, with the developers telling me it’s simply “polished to perfection”. For anyone else who has more casually played any of the Trials games, you know exactly what you’re in for, and it’ll feel just as smooth as it always has. There are some innovations to be had, though, with a lot of it focused on fostering competition, both online and offline.

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