LEGO DC Super-Villains Makes Being Bad Feel So Good

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I’ve been playing LEGO video games since I introduced my then-four-year-old son to LEGO Star Wars 2. In the decade since, it’s been a pleasure seeing LEGO games evolve and become bigger, better, and funnier. In my time with LEGO DC Super-Villains, I took the first step toward super villainery, helped Joker and Harley make it to the top of a clock tower, and broke Lex Luthor out of Strikers Island.

LEGO DC Super-Villains feels comfortably familiar, with classic LEGO-game sound effects like stud collection and building mixing well with the DC villain characters. TT Games has the LEGO minifigure models down pat, with subtle textures that make them look like their real-world plastic counterparts. There are even LEGO logos visible on the arms, bringing the graphics closer to the ultra-realism seen in The LEGO Movie and LEGO Batman. But what really popped for me is just how bright and exciting the color palette is.

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