The Last of Us 2 is all About Honoring Ellie

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Talking to Naughty Dog about The Last of Us Part II isn’t easy. There’s only so much the team can say about the story beyond what they showed us in the trailer, and there are a lot of groans and hair-pulling around whatever NDA they’ve signed or blood pact they’ve made to keep things a secret. The one constant everyone can say aloud, though, is The Last of Us Part II is about honoring Ellie.

Five years have gone by since Ellie and Joel arrived in Jackson. Joel is around – new character Jessie confirms Ellie’s ball-busting ‘old man’  is definitely in Jackson – but he’s not seen. Instead of leaning on Joel in a brutal world of cat-and-mouse survival, Ellie’s settled into a life of regular teenagehood. “It’s kinda normal,” said Druckmann when I spoke to him at the E3 Coliseum.  “They go to a festival, there’s electricity, they go to parties.”

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