Best of E3 2018 Award Nominees List

Best of E3 2018 Award Nominees List
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E3 2018 is here, and as usual, there are more games than any mere mortal can sort through on their own. But IGN is no mere mortal – we’re a bunch of mere mortals, checking out every game we can find and putting the hottest items on our shortlist so you can spot all the highlights in one place. Or, if you prefer to watch everything for yourself, make sure to check out our E3 2018 schedule of live streams and conferences.

Below are our top picks for the best games of E3 2018, sorted by both platform and genre for easy browsing. We also have bonus categories for best trailer and biggest surprise, among others. Each entry will link out to a recent E3 trailer, our hands-on impressions, or another key piece of E3 coverage, making it easy for you to find out why it’s worthy of our excitement, and potentially yours. Don’t forget to also vote in our Reader’s Choice awards polls, which will be live later in the week. Read on for the full list of E3 2018 nominees and be sure to check back after E3 on Friday, June 15 for our complete list of winners.

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