Diner Dash – Flo Through Time Game Review PS4 CONSOLE

The first character to hit Dinertown and bring much fame to PlayFirst is back once again to get your hands clicking like crazy. Diner Dash: Flo Through Time is all about how our favorite diner server continues her frantic adventure while traveling across time and space, as Flo stumbles against new challenges in this game, serving different customers never yet seen in Dinertown.

The problem from the start of Diner Dash: Flo Through Time is actually the fault of Flo’s grandmother after she transformed Flo’s microwave into some faulty time machine. The reason for her doing this is yet unclear; all that is clear is how she transported all of the Dinertown citizens as well as Flo and herself through different instances in time. Now, the microwave time machine is broken, and Flo has to earn money serving food to customers in order to buy time machine parts for them to get back to the present.

For the fans of the Dash games and any other time management game for that matter, the gameplay of this installment is really nothing new. Serve impatient customers by waiting for their orders, serving them food, and cleaning up after they are all done eating. And in the tradition of the earlier Diner Dash games, you also have an option to give them special services in the form of table flowers, juices and many other requests that they might be needing for them to have a happy experience in your new diners.

In other words, the gameplay of Diner Dash: Flo Through Time is really just a rehash of Flo’s earlier games, but that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing new about this game because aside from making customers happy, you’ll be given additional tasks too to prevent your diners from falling apart. A good example is in the prehistoric age, where you have to tame a dinosaur every time he gets impatient or else, he will stomp recklessly on the ground, making your customers spill water all over the place. All in all making the game much more challenging, but annoyingly frantic too since the game is already hard without these additional tasks in the first place.

Source by Ruff Bismonte