Finally Play Backups Without Modchip – Using Software Methods For Xbox 360 and PS3 PS4 CONSOLE

Finally Play Backups Without Modchip – Using Software Methods For Xbox 360 and PS3 PS4 CONSOLE
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NOW play backup games with ease!!

FINALLY it has happened. After years of waiting around for the ps2 and ps3, there is a software based solution on how to play backup games on the consoles without a modchip or swap magic or cogswap or any of those other annoying methods.

Let me describe to you what the problem with this was and how we came across with the solution.

The problem:

The PS2, PS3 and XBOX 360 all use laser print disks with their boot sequence hardcoded on the disk surface itself. They are burnt onto the disk so that people cannot just copy them using standard CD/DVD burners. Hence even if you DO copy the disk there is no way of this burnt sequence being copied along with the disk. Therefore your disk wont boot and the console would say « Please insert valid disk ». Annoying to every person who has made a backup copy.

There were a few interim solutions to this. Namely using a trigger disk like swap magic, action replay max or cogswap. These methods involved changing the disk midway and things like that. Second method was to use cogswap. Again this method was pretty annoying as we had to go with a long sequence of nonsense before playing the game. The third most dangerous method was installing a modchip, needless to say that modifying the hardware could destroy you console for good. After years of trying out different strategies we have finally come up with a software solution to burn disks WITH the boot sequence.

The Solution:

The solution to this war part provided by the PS2/PS3 and XBOX360 manufacturers themselves. The modus was downloadeble demo games. These games could be downloaded from their website and burnt onto the disk and played without a hitch. So obviously they contained the boot sequence as a part of the software. Obviously this sequence was embedded deep in the program and heavily encrypted. But after numerous trial and error methods we have managed to ISOLATE the boot sequence and now can burn them onto normal disks.

The software is rather simplistic as we did not feel we needed a complex interface. It works pretty much like a normal CD/DVD burner. You can copy/Burn ISO files onto the disk and it automatically burns the boot up sequence with the game and VOILA! you can now play these backup games on your PS2/PS3/XBOX360 without a problem.

Source by Jack Mashall Strauss