Fix Xbox 360 Red Lights in Power Switch Tips PS4 CONSOLE

Fix Xbox 360 Red Lights in Power Switch Tips PS4 CONSOLE
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Now that your console is out of action and you can play any games, you’ll want to learn how to fix the red lights in the power switch of your Xbox 360. Keep reading to learn what causes those nasty red lights to appear on your Xbox 360, and how you can banish them from your console and be able to play games once again.

One of the most common causes of the red lights in power switch problem is overheating. This has always been an issue with highly powered electrical devices- the components produce heat as a waste product. What makes this problematic on the Xbox 360 is the fact that it has a small case for the relative power of its components, and it also does not have sufficient cooling devices such as fans and heat sinks. Another cause of the red light problem is that of general hardware failure. Common examples of this are a loose graphics processor unit or « X » clamps which secure the memory chips properly.

In order to fix the power switch red lights problem on your Xbox 360 you will need to use a professional repair guide. Don’t do silly things like using the « towel-wrap » method (where you wrap your console in a thick bath towel) as this will just cause worse damage. Invest in a good Xbox 360 repair guide and you will be able to determine the exact cause of the red lights problem on your console, as well as be able to fix it in a safe, reliable and precise manner that won’t risk damage to your 360. Apart from the repair guide, you will only need basic tools, which can be found around most homes, as well as a couple of spare hours to determine the cause of the problem, fix it and carry out tests to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Source by James Philipson