Injustice: Year Five Annual #1 Review

Once again, DC is capping off a volume of Injustice with a standalone annual issue. But unlike the Year Four annual, which briefly brought writer Tom Taylor back into the fold and directly set the stage for the Year Five status quo, this issue is more in line with the other Injustice annuals. It offers a trio of what are essentially « lost » stories set during writer Brian Buccellato’s Year Five run. As such, it’s a decent read for those who need a little more Injustice to fill the wait until the sequel comic, but only one of these tales is particularly noteworthy.

First, Buccellato and artist Mike S. Miller touch base with Harley Quinn in the aftermath of Year Five. Disillusioned and alone, Harley is prepared to hang up her costume for good when she runs afoul of a the Joker Gang. Buccellato is basically setting up Harley for her role in the Injustice: Ground Zeroes comic here. The script toys with the idea that even someone as twisted as Joker can become a symbol for positive change and resistance, but never really digs deep enough. Nor does it examine the tragedy of Harley coming so close to reclaiming her old life and then slipping back into old habits. Buccellato delivers a decent Harley story, especially with Miller’s energetic pencils bringing life to the pages, but there’s a nagging sense that more could have been accomplished with the character.

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