PSP Error Codes – Fixing PSP Error Problems PS4 CONSOLE

PSP Error Codes – Fixing PSP Error Problems PS4 CONSOLE
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Like any other electronic gadgets that are using operating systems, the PSP has problems as well.

You certainly may encounter many PSP errors codes but do not know what it means or how to fix it. I will try to list some error codes and the ways to fix them. For more codes you can visit my website, which I put in the end of the article.

CA000005 shows you the error in « keys.bin » file.

FIX: this file is required in order to play PSX games, put the bin file in the same folder as your « eboot.pbp » for the game

80100D00 shows you « The Channel could not be added »

FIX: You can try to reformat your memory stick. As far as I am concerned it works well for me.

80410D09 means « A connection error has occurred. »

FIX: The PSP does not support WAP security, try switching to WEP and reconnecting.

80110305 means the loading has failed. The Memory Stick could not be accessed.

FIX: Backup save data folder and reformat your memory stick

80020148 means « PRX type unsupported »

Explanation: This error comes up when you try to use emulators, home-brew, etc on a psp with version 1.52 and higher.

80410D07 = This error comes up if errors occur when it is trying to connect to a wireless router.

FIX: Change psp settings to manual and enter in all of the Internet Protocol (IP), DNS, subnet mask, and default router info

80410410 = Cannot connect to the given access point (Connection to the Server Failed.)

FIX: Unplug your modem and router for 30 seconds to a minute. Plug in your modem, wait 30 seconds to a minute, then plug in router.

Source by Leonard Jones