Xbox 360 Ethernet Connection Repair – Having Problems Going Live? PS4 CONSOLE

Xbox 360 Ethernet Connection Repair – Having Problems Going Live? PS4 CONSOLE
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You’ve heard of the e74 error message on Xbox 360, right? What you might not have heard of is the e73 error message. Probably because it doesn’t appear as often as its more common counterparts. The e73 doesn’t have to do with overheating, not enough or too much voltage, or a power supply issue. When you get the red rings, the e73 error message makes its entrance, and let’s you know that you have a problem in either your ethernet connection or an outside device that uses it. It’s time for an Xbox 360 ethernet connection repair to be made.

The ethernet connection is what allows you to connect to Xbox 360 Live. It is essentially the same connection you use for your own Internet connection, and is only slightly wider in appearance to your phone jack. Using an ethernet connection, you can hook up two computers to each other or to a modem, or any other external supporting device. This connection port is the thing that sends and receives signals from itself and other devices back and forth to each other. This includes the Xbox 360 console and its ethernet connection.

Now you know that, with the e73 error message, your Xbox 360 ethernet connection is on the fritz. This means that you won’t be able to play any of your games. So now you probably think that the only thing left to do is to send your Xbox 360 away to Microsoft to be repaired, along with a hefty payment. Well, sure, if you want to. In fact, if your Xbox 360 is still under warranty, do it. But, if your Xbox 360 is not still under warranty, what are you going to do? Pay a lot of money to get it fixed? Wait the long time it takes to get it repaired and returned by Microsoft? Or should you just find a way to learn how to make a Xbox 360 ethernet connection repair yourself?

The first step is to push the reset button. Works most of the time for satellite receivers and sometimes for personal computers, but will it always work for your Xbox 360? It’s at least worth a push. Turn your unit off. Then press both the power button and the reset button simultaneously. Only let go of the reset button after your Xbox 360 boots up as usual. This won’t always be the solution to this problem. If the reset fails, turn the power to your Xbox 360 off again and take out the plug. Wait at least an hour before turning it back on again, then try the reset button again. More often than not this should cure you of your e73 error message.

This is the last quick fix before it becomes clear that you will need to get your Xbox 360 console fixed, either by a technician, Microsoft, or yourself. The best choice is to fix it yourself. For this you will need a guide, with step by step instructions and videos that you can use to prevent making any costly mistakes.

Source by Chris Bledsoe