Xbox 360 Flashing Lights – Do I Really Need to Send it Back? PS4 CONSOLE

This article will address the problem with the Xbox 360 and the flashing red lights then many Xbox users have encountered at some point or another. If you are lucky enough not to have the 3 red lights or any other problem then good luck as it does seem that quite a lot of the console are prone to getting these problems.

You can of course send it into Microsoft when you get this problem but the only thing with that is the wait! It can take about 5 weeks to get your Xbox back to you and I have heard of people sending in their broken Xbox 360 console and get it back only to find that they get the same error within a few weeks!

So what is the flashing lights caused by?

Overheating! Plain and simple and as the motherboard takes more heat the GPU and the CPU burn out and that is when you see the lights flashing on your 360! This is not anything down to you and where you keep your console but more to do with the design of the system and the high end components giving off to much heat without enough cooling.

What Can I Do To Fix It Without Sending It In?

Well if you are outside your warranty you can still send it in but the repair work will cost you about $140 which is fairly steep. If you do not want to do this then you could look into repairing the problem yourself with a good Xbox 360 Repair guide that will show you how to stop the build up of heat using household items and is normally a collection of video files that will tell you what to do. As with anything the quality does differ somewhat between these products and you should make sure that you get one with a full guarantee and a good customer support team for best results.

I hope this article has told you a bit more about why the flashing red lights happen on the Xbox 360 and how you can go about fixing it without having to send it in!

Happy Gaming!

Source by William Turner