Xbox 360 Lights of Doom – Is There Any Hope For Your Console? Find Out Here! PS4 CONSOLE

Xbox 360 Lights of Doom – Is There Any Hope For Your Console? Find Out Here! PS4 CONSOLE
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If you have a broken Xbox 360 then don’t worry you’re not alone! Lots of Xbox 360 customers have run into problems and the most common is red lights flashing on the power button when you turn the system on.

This article will tell you more about the red lights and what they mean and also how you can fix them and get them back to green.

There are four different types of red lights and you can tell which error you have by the number of lights that the flashing:

1 red light means that you have a chip error, and this is normally down to overheating in the system. The long and short of it is the one of the chips has burnt out!

2 red lights means that your system is overheating and despite the lights flashing you should be able to feel that the system is running to hot if you place your hand on top of the machine. You may be able to fix this if you vacuum all the dust out of the side vents and the back of the Xbox!

3 red lights is the most common and this means that you have a general hardware failure, basically what the machine is telling you is that something has broken and it is not sure what! Most common parts that are involved with this error is the GPU and the CPU chips.

4 red lights just means that your AV cable is not plugged in properly so if you have this error don’t worry too much as all you need to do is double check is connected, or buy a new cable.

There you have it!

The above errors are all caused by heat and you can fix the problem yourself or send it back to Microsoft where they will fix it for you. Both of these have their pros and cons as if you send it back to Microsoft you will have to wait for four weeks, and if you want to fix it yourself you must make sure that you get a good guide with the videos and a full guarantee!

I hope this article has helped you figure out what is wrong with your Xbox 360 and also given you some tips to fix it!

Happy gaming!

Source by William Turner