XBox 360 – Red Ring Repair Guide in 2 Hours PS4 CONSOLE

XBox 360 – Red Ring Repair Guide in 2 Hours PS4 CONSOLE
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The 3 Red Rings of ‘Death’ is something no Xbox user wants to experience. You’re no longer playing your Xbox for a while, that’s for sure! But now there’s more options to fix your Xbox. The main options you have, are send the console to Microsoft for weeks of not playing, or a rather expensive option of sending it off to a specialist. Now there’s another option. A DIY repair guide. Yes, you can fix your Xbox, from home, with no tech skills needed, in under 2 hours.

The Xbox 360 comes with a system to identify the error based off the number of red lights.

  • 1 red light: You are having general hardware failure.
  • 2 red lights: Your console is overheating. Turn off and unplug your console immediately to avoid damage any damage.
  • 3 red lights: The red ring of death. See the next section for how to deal with these red lights.
  • 4 red lights: your AV cable is loose. Check that your connection is secure, replace if necessary.

So it is the 3 Red Rings you really do not want.

If you were to send the console off to the provider (we all know who), you will have to send them $200 (about £100 GBP), to get it fixed, oh, and up to an 8 week wait.

This new process to fix your Xbox has just come to the internet after being tested. There are a few guides on the internet that give you an easy step by step guide to fix the problem from the comfort of your own home, along with videos for if you get a little confused. When you are looking at a product make sure your not buying into the ‘Towel Scam’. I’ve come across these guides, and there often the ones sold, leaving many customers, well, unhappy to say the least! So stay clear of the towel trash.

Source by Ashley Baker